To provide incredible opportunities for true adventure motorcycle riding
 while raising awareness and improving conditions related to
backcountry access & nature conservation in all the areas where we ride.

Benefits Include

Participation in a tightly knit group of riders, with a strong bond of friendship and support.

The opportunity to work and get paid as Support Crew on tours, rides and training events.

Enjoying discounted rates on premium events and activities offered by the Club.

Inclusion in private social media groups, for better communication and ride coordination,
so you never have to ride alone.


Orientation to Off-Road ADV Riding class – both a benefit and a requirement.

Invitation to exclusive Members Only activities, events and excursions.

Discounts on premium products & services provided by Club partners.

Opportunities to volunteer and give back to the environment and public lands that offer us so much enjoyment.


Application & Participation

Non-members are welcome to participate in most activities of the Club as Guests,
to be accompanied by a Sponsor responsible for optimizing their experience.

Prospective new members may apply for membership by submitting an application
along with their $100 payment of Annual Membership Dues.

On acceptance of their application, prospective members stay in the Prospect
Phase until they have attended at least two scheduled Club events.

Prospects are accompanied by an assigned Sponsor during Club rides and events,
responsible for ensuring their safety and well-being.

Club Members and Prospects can get to know each other during this time to see
if it feels like a good fit all around.


Accepting and signing the Club’s Pledge of Allegiance is part of the application.

Prospect may then be accepted by the Leadership Committee and welcomed into the Club as a New Member.

All members of the Ojai MC are expected to complete the one-day “Orientation to Off-Road ADV Riding” class, cost of which is included in the $100 Annual Dues.

Club members are expected to maintain current membership in the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association), cost not included in Ojai MC dues.

Should the Prospect not be accepted by the Club, the Membership Dues will be refunded immediately and the application closed out.

Membership in the Ojai Motorcycle Club, subsequent suspension, expulsion and/or refund of any dues are always at the sole discretion of the Leadership Committee.


Pledge of Allegiance to the Club


To uphold the image and good reputation of the Ojai MC, in actions and in words.
To deal with issues/incidents/disagreements within the Club and with Leadership involved.
To avoid spreading disharmony within the Membership or about the Ojai Motorcycle Club.
To abide by ride/event rules as laid down by Club Leadership.
To assume 100% personal responsibility for one’s own safety and physical wellbeing.
To act as responsibly as possible while sponsoring non-members and endeavor to always provide a good example to the community at large.
To inform Leadership ASAP if anything sub-optimum is witnessed and the situation is not completely handled within a reasonable time.
Agree to and sign a waiver that indemnifies and releases the Ojai MC from any liability for the duration of the membership period.

Our Main Objectives are to:

  • Orient more riders into this exciting ADVenture lifestyle and way of experiencing their two-wheeled machines.
  • Provide our members & guests with ever more interesting opportunities for adventure.
  • Guide them well as we travel around, seeing new places & meeting fascinating new people.
  • Through effective training and ongoing instruction, help each participant improve her/his motorcycling skills in all conditions and on any kind of road,
  • Facilitate an optimal experience for all, while allowing everyone the space to enjoy the adventure in his/her own personal way.
  • Serve the greater good by contributing to wildlife conservation, habitat preservation and maintaining backcountry access in all the areas that we frequent.
  • Keep building the membership ranks of our motorcycle club, welcoming like-minded riders on all kinds of bikes.

Annual Dues

Come Ride With Us.  Get Better!

Thank you for your interest in joining the Ojai Motorcycle Club!

- Please complete all sections of the form below.
- On receipt of your filled-out form, we will send you a secure link to pay the first year's Membership Dues.
- Should your application be disapproved, the Dues Payment will be refunded immediately.
- If your application is approved, you will be welcomed into the Club as a Prospect.
- After you have attended at least two scheduled events, the Club Leadership will make a determination.
- If disapproved, the Dues Payment will be refunded immediately.
- Once approved after the Prospect phase, you will be welcomed into the Ojai Motorcycle Club as a Full Member.

Read, download and sign the Club Pledge found here.

Read, download and sign the Liability Waiver found here.

Either scan & email the signed documents to:

Or mail via USPS to:
12679 Ojai Road, #110
Ojai, CA 93023