The Ojai Motorcycle Club

Wants to Help You Feel Better About Riding your Big ADV Bike Off-Road

ADVENTURE Motorcycle Riding does NOT necessarily call for riding in deep sand all day long, or spending mile-after-mile negotiating narrow single-tracks or washed out muddy trails…

Indeed, there are smaller and lighter dual-sport bikes much better suited to that kind of riding.

But true Adventure Riding DOES require enough ability and experience to make it safely through those gnarlier sections that always seem to appear along the Roads Less Travelled.

The Ojai MC offers an opportunity for anyone to learn the skills and gain all the confidence needed to master those challenges.

Find out more about our professional Off-Road Training, regular Club Rides and premium Guided Tours that are all sanctioned by and insured through the American Motorcyclist Association.

Find out how to get involved and become part of our quest for More Adventure With a Positive Mission.


Come Ride With Us.


Get Better.




Membership Dues are currently set at $100 per year.

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Because There’s Just No Road, Like Off-Road