Looking back on all my years of back-country adventure, worldwide motorcycle riding and almost two decades practicing & teaching Yoga & Mindfulness, I feel truly blessed to have so many fond memories.

And I still find it fascinating how a mechanical device like a motorcycle, can be so effective as a vehicle for accessing states of enlightenment so similar to those that one could strive towards, on a more formal spiritual path.

Responsibly riding a motorcycle off-road and on – in a way that respects and preserves the natural environment with its fauna, flora & indigenous culture – can be a wonderful way to explore one’s own personal ideas of both Inner and Outer Mobility.

I have found these journeys into the wilderness to be incredibly helpful in the pursuit, embodiment and expansion of the core values that I hold most dear, like Compassion, Consciousness and the Generation of Goodwill. 

And since I have had many opportunities to see my fellow travelers, friends and clients who join me from time-to-time, be so surprised at the therapeutic value of these experiences, I really can’t help but want to share them with as many other people as possible.

I hope that you can accept my invitation to come ride with us in Ojai and find out why we always like to say that There’s No Road Like Off-Road!