PROJECT IN-PROGRESS: Roads & Gate Closure Status Information Resource



Difficult to find out the latest status on roads and gate closures within our area: Ventura to Monterey, Pacific to Sierra Mountains.  An online resource needs to be created and posted on our websites that facilitates easy and effective user interface to find accurate current information on mechanized access onto unpaved Forest and Off Highway Vehicle Roads in our area.

  • US Forest Service has created a system of maps that help to facilitate Motor Vehicle Use of forest and OHV roads in the Los Padres National Forest.
  • They have a Motor Vehicle Opportunity Map with the accompanying Motor Vehicle Use Map for each Ranger District in our area: Ojai, Santa Barbara, Mt. Pinos, Santa Lucia, Monterey US Forest Service Ranger Districts. These publications show the seasonal schedule of gate/road opening and closures in the Los Padres NF.
  • USFS maintains the Los Padres National Forest website: that shows updates regarding opening and closures of Trails, Roads, OHV and Campground Information for each Ranger District, that supersedes the information on the above-mentioned maps.
  • Los Padres Forest Association maintains a website: that is a marvelous crowd-sourced website listing the status and condition of all the different Forest and OHV roads in the Los Padres National Forest.
  • For the most up-to-date status on road openings and closures, a phone call to the relevant US Ranger District is most effective.
  • Ojai Motorcycle and 4WD Clubs are constantly riding/driving in the area and can provide ongoing wheels on the ground updates, input directly to the Hike Los Padres website, maintained by Los Padres Forest Association.
  • By integrating and combining the above-mentioned resources into a table, displayed on the Adventure and Motorcycle Club websites, we can create a valuable resource that can be referenced by any user.
  • This resource can be made available to the many apps that currently exist for the purpose of listing and cataloging all the various official Forest and OHV roads in the Los Padres National Forest. For example:
  • The table can note the latest available status and conditions, as well as contain hyperlinks to the relevant webpages from which the information is drawn.
  • The table can also provide a hyperlink to the Hike Los Padres webpage for each particular road that can be updated by each user who has new and more current information to add to the existing road status.
  • This information table can be utilized as part of specific PROJECTS related to drawing attention to and opening roads and gates currently closed due to factors other than the normal Seasonal Schedule.

RESULT: To Be Determined (TBD)


OJAI RANGER DISTRICT          Seasonal Open Status
Current Status LPNF Website Latest Status LPNF Verbal Last Road Report HLP Website Latest Status OAC

MVUM = Motor Vehicle Use Map
LPNF = Los Padres National Forest
HLP = Hike Los Padres
OAC = Ojai Adventure Club

Cherry Creek Canyon Rd (6N01.1) 8/01 to 12/15 closed until further notice No new info 11/12/18 No new info  
Ortega Tr. (23W08) 5/01 to 11/01 No new info No new info 02/06/20  No new info  
Dough Flat Rd (6N16.2) 5/01 to 12/15 Open No new info No new info No new info  
Nordhoff Ridge Rd (5N42, 5N08) 5/01 to 12/15 Open w/permit No new info 04/05/17 Open w/permit * requires a special use permit to access. Contact the Ojai Ranger District office for permit 1-2 weeks in advance.
Reyes Pk/Pine Mtn Rd (6N06) 5/01 to 12/15 Open 5/06/20 closed re COVID 04/19/20 No new info  
Portrero Seco Rd (6N03) Not listed Closed indefinitely 5/06/20 Closed Not listed No new info Per LPNF website: remains closed for repairs from winter damage. There is no estimated opening date on this route.