All our tours are run on well-maintained, late-model motorcycles that are fully prepped and ready for action on any kind of paved or unpaved road.  Should you prefer to bring your own bike, we welcome all other makes and models. Tours are technically well-supported, ensuring minimum downtime in the event of any tire or other mechanical problems.


Premium organic fare whenever possible, including fine wine, craft beers, cider and spirits. Our discerning clientele expect and get the best… Fantastic outdoor cuisine is our specialty!
Varied styles of upscale rustic lodging are there to enhance the adventure but hot showers, warm beds and comfortable toilet arrangements are always par for the tour; whether camping, guesthouses, hunting lodges, bed ‘n breakfasts or hotels.


Hundreds of miles of sparsely populated ranches and public lands. A perfect combination of paved and dirt roads where there is hardly any rain from April to November. Temperatures can range from cool near the Pacific Ocean to really hot in the desert-like Carrizo Plain and everything in between. Nights are always mild. Springtime brings an explosion of wildflowers, colors and unbelievably green grass fields that gradually turn to golden brown as the summer rolls through.


From the guides to the chefs, the support staff and ranch hosts to the characters in the towns we visit, our tours always involve conversation, camaraderie and interesting cultural interchange.
We live here, so we know the region, the people and their history very well and we love to share the company.


Our commitment to professional planning, effective execution and creative collaboration amongst our partners, clients and tour support team ensures that the quality of your experience will be unsurpassed and the value received, well beyond your highest expectations.

Trust us to take care of the details big and small, so that wherever we go and whatever we do, the saying will come true that: “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”


It’s called Adventure Motorcycling, so there has to be some risk involved, something strange, perhaps some danger, inconvenience and even some fear…  But that said, our commitment is to always get you home safely with lots of good stories to tell!

It was a wise old Englishman that once said: “An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.  An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”