• Weekend-long Moto Adventure that begins near Ojai on a Saturday morning and ends up back there late on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Your choice to join us for either just the Saturday or just the Sunday.
  • Or come along for the entire weekend, including the optional overnight.
  • We like to do it ADVenture-style with a 50/50 mix of riding paved and unpaved.
  • Since we really do love to help less experienced riders get comfortable riding on unpaved surfaces, we can accommodate everyone that shows up in terms of what kind of roads we ride and the degree of riding skills required.
  • Specific lodging, food and beverage options will be made known to all before each ride.
  • Our excursions usually pass through a particular Los Padres National Forest Ranger District or Bureau of Land Management region.
  • Club Rides usually have an objective directly related to our non-profit nature conservation mission, where we perform some kind of service that is important to the US Forest Service, BLM, Fish & Wildlife or other agency or NGO.

Duration: 2 days


For both days, with Overnight Option:
$150 for 1st-time Guests, Prospects & Club Members.
$200 for all other Non-Members

For each single day, with out the Overnight Option:

Free for 1st-time Guests, Prospects & Club Members.
$25 for all other Non-Members


Terms and Conditions:
Non-members are welcome to attend as Guests.
Guests are required to fill out and sign a Waiver – Release of Liability.
Each Guest will be assigned a Sponsor – a Club member in good standing.
Sponsors will be responsible for ensuring Guests’ safety on the ride and their harmonious interaction with the group.
Guests are encouraged to apply for membership in the Club.
Membership in the Club is not a requirement for joining in and enjoying this Club Ride.

2021 Dates:
 May 15-16, June 12-13, July 10-11, August 7-8, September 4-5, October 2-3, November 27-28, December 25-26

Rider Skill Level
  • can ride for 4-6 hours
  • average riding experience
  • little assistance required
  • comfortable with curves and leans
  • average experience with unsurfaced roads
  • ascents and descents
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement
  • Good physical fitness
  • DOT approved Helmet required independent of state law
  • Signing a Waiver

I am a very new rider.  Is the trip for me?
We specialize in and enjoy teaching brand new riders. Whether you have street experience and no off-road experience or little motorcycle experience at all we will help you learn and master the basics by the end of the trip. We have a sweep guide that will make sure you have a great experience and can ride your own ride.

I’m an experienced rider, will I be bored?
Absolutely not!  We design these trips so that experienced riders can ride at the front of the pack and not have to worry about the rest of the group keeping up.

Do I need knobby tires on my bike?
Not necessarily.  By airing down your street tires, you should be able to have sufficient traction even on the unpaved sections of the ride.  It would be ideal if you could bring your own small air pump/compressor to air back up again, but there should be at least one or two pumps amongst the group.

Do I need extra protection for my bike such as after-market skid-plate, crash bars, etc?
Although it is always good to protect your bike from damage, the worst you can expect on a ride like this is a slow speed tip-over or two.  We will make recommendations for you as to what type of protection you could use, but this ride will not require more than standard OEM parts and accessories.

Do I need to bring special items on the ride?
Wear as much personal protection as possible. We definitely subscribe to the concept of ATGATT: All The Gear All The Time.
This might make for some extra heat, so bring more water than you think you will require.
Ideally a hydration system like a 2.5 liter Camelbak or similar, plus at least another liter of water, in addition.
Bring snacks so you can keep replenishing those calories as the day wears on.
In our part of the world, it can get very hot and there is often no shade – so an umbrella becomes a most valuable item to create your own bit of shade, as needed.
Bring a small toolkit, in case you need to adjust settings such as handlebars, brake and gear levers, etc.

How far will we ride?
We like to shoot for around 200 miles at the most, where half of the time is spent on paved and the other half on unpaved surfaces.

What happens if a bike breaks down?
We won’t stray too far from State or County maintained roads, so the worst case scenario will usually involve a call to AAA or similar roadside assistance.  Most of the time there is enough know-how and tools to deal with any of the situations likely to arise on this kind of ride.

What happens if someone gets hurt?
The Lead Rider carries a First Aid kit that he knows how to use.  If it is a serious situation, 911 or Search & Rescue is always within reach, since the Lead Rider carries an In-Reach satellite communication device, in addition to everyone usually having their cell phone on hand.

What if a rider “gets in over their head?”
We want every rider to feel comfortable and safe enough to be able call it quits whenever they feel like they’re getting “close to their edge”.  Either the whole group turns back and makes for easier terrain, or the rider will be accompanied by at least one other rider back to the closest “easy” road where they can wait or go on their way without feeling endangered or “pushed”.

What happens if a rider has to leave early?
Most of our Club Rides are designed so that it’s easy enough to turn around and head home whenever it gets to be “time”.  In most cases there will be at least one additional rider that is ready to peel off and head home, so no-one ever really needs to ride alone on a Club Ride.

Will we take any breaks and/or stop for lunch?
This just depends on where exactly we end up going.  We usually have at least one eatery of some kind within range of the ride, but it’s always a good idea to have a hearty breakfast before starting out and then bring sufficient snacks to keep the calorie count up, regardless of whether we end up stopping for a full lunch or not.

Who is in charge of the ride?
The Lead Rider is 100% in charge of the ride and has sole discretion over controlling the whole excursion. There is always a Sweep Rider that follows behind the group and he/she is there to assist the Lead Rider and take second-in-command.  From time-to-time the Lead or Sweep Rider may appoint a Deputy, who then becomes 3rd-in-charge.  The Lead/Sweep Team can eject anyone from the ride at any time, so it is vitally important that all participants pay attention to and follow the instructions and guidelines as laid down by the Lead/Sweep team.  But that said, we strive to make the Club Rides as enjoyable as possible, so please feel free to make suggestions and offer feedback whenever appropriate.

What kind of ride can I expect?
Club Rides can be divided into Three Main Types of Ride:
1) TOURING Rides:  Least challenging. Riders stay on paved surfaces only.
2) ADVENTURE Rides: More challenging. We ride on a mixture of paved and unpaved roads.  But the routes are well-known by the Lead/Sweep team and the aim is to avoid any surprises.  Requires some off-road riding abilities, but given the experience level of the guides, most average street riders will be able to get oriented and be able to get in their groove and easily make it through the unpaved sections of the ride.
3) SCOUTING Rides: More challenging and unpredictable.  Intended for more experienced riders that can handle on-road, off-road and no-road situations with the support and guidance of the rest of the group.
In most cases and unless otherwise noted specifically, the monthly Club Day Rides will always be Category #2: Adventure Rides or sometimes #1: Touring Rides.

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